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daily March 22 2011

daily February 11

Someone mentioned dc-3′s this week and I started thinking about flying around Korea.

daily February 8 2011

daily February 3 2011

I like having cameras around the house… they are like books they are full of stories, but with out all those confounding words.

daily January 7 2011

F is for treat

daily January 6 2011

Brought to you by the letter b

daily December 4 2010

This would be my first beard of the year, unless it gets shaved…

daily December 1 2010

December, sneaking up on boot weather.

daily October 31 2010

Sometimes in a lifetime you get to go to some unexpected locations.

daily October 29 2010

up early for a very long day of travel…

daily August 23 2010

If you can not create…promote.  If your interested we have a couple extra issues of the winter edition of  Send an email of intrest to info at and we put it in the mail, complimentary.

daily August 20 2010

Instead of me picking my favorite of the day, you get to choose your favorite of a variety…